Canada-Ontario Job Grant  

The Right Employee for Every Opportunity

As your business grows, so do your hiring requirements.  You need qualified candidates and the right support to get them up and running as a productive part of your team.

Find and hire the skilled candidates who meet your employment needs.  Get us working for you.

CareerLink is prepared to assist in matching potential candidates with the skills and duties of your employment opportunity.  We will help in developing a work experience or on-the-job training plan that is realistic for your new employee and consistent with your workplace requirements.

CareerLInk offers assistance with:

  • Job posting, resume screening, job matching
  • Assessment of candidates skills in relation to your workplace business needs
  • Support in identifying and resolving workplace issues with a new employee, which may impact your ability to meet your business goals
  • Training incentives, where appropriate

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CareerLink location is wheelchair accessible.